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Dutch translations for 3 projects

After discussing translation priorities on Reddit, I’d like to request funding for the most urgent translations into Dutch (Netherlands).

The GUI has already been translated into Dutch, so the next priority is the Monero website. I want to start translating the website pages that are the most important for new users, even though there’s no translation procedure for in place yet. I’ll make the translations available in a number of formats, so they can be used later, even if the source text is updated. The full scope of this proposal is as follows:

git project Name and scope Word count Est. hours Cost
monero-site Home + Get Started + About + The Monero Project 3821 12 12 XMR
kovri-site Home + Get Started + FAQ 2519 8 8 XMR
monero Daemon & CLI wallet 3207 12 12 XMR

The instructions for contributors on the Kovri site are quite technical and contributors will have to speak English anyway, so I don’t think they need to be translated at all. I do want to translate the skipped parts of later, especially the Moneropedia and the User Guides.

Doxxing myself: I’ve been a self-employed translator specializing in software localization for 15 years. Before that, I was a programmer who wrote scripts for data processing. I translate only from English to Dutch. I’m known as /u/edbwtf on Reddit, @edbwt on Twitter, @edb on Steem and ProkhorZ on Bitcointalk, Github, StackExchange and various altcoin forums.

I’m asking a decent rate for a translator: 1 monero per hour. Total cost: 32 XMR. I considered giving a discount, but I’d rather approach this as a professional project, while contributing for free in other ways, without any obligation on my part. At the moment, I’m working on the following unpaid contributions:

  • Shilling on the social media
  • Translation tips in general
  • Translation style guide for Dutch

Update: I edited and updated the Dutch translation of the GUI. And I contributed the lion's share of the Esperanto word list for mnemonic seeds.

I’ll be available in August and I may not have much time for translations from September to November. So I hope we can get this project moved to the funding stage quickly. It could be finished in three weeks, with the exception that my vacation from August 21 to September 10 would count as one week.

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Sounds great. How can i support you? I am pretty new to this forum - it seems useres here are not very active.

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Hello, if you're still interested in supporting my Dutch translations, I made a new Forum Funding Request. Or you could donate directly to Monero address 44eVvXcUYoAZ4fNUepjVZTWNHXcFVzoKZXimJc6B4UJ4GkeG4Ja4nCEdim7JHTPwCHi3cBoStmFoviVvWY1qV6622ZW4SCW.

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Thanks! Once the proposal is moved to the Funding Required section, an address and payment ID will be added that you can donate to.

The forum is only used for the funding system at the moment, and it must be slow because many people are on vacation or travelling. The Monero subreddit is more popular for discussion.