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Names for the various amounts of Monero.

One thing that really bugs me is all the arguments around bitcoin and how to name the various amounts. Some people are advocating 100 satoshi to be called a 'bit' which is just a horrendous name IMO.

Can we come up with something logical, I prefer something that uses the metric system since it's used all over the world and is easy to calculate with.

So using deca, hecta, kilo, mega etc.

What do you guys think?

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Insightful masterpiece follows:

I kinda like MONOSHI. (MONAD is also cool but requires an explanation)

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how about..

0.01 monero = 1 centero

0.001 monero = 1 millero

0.000001 monero = 1 nanero

0.00000001 monero = 1 satero

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I definitely agree with that appraoch.

I proposed the following for BTC:

  • Megatoshi = 1,000,000 satoshi
  • Kilotoshi = 1000 satoshi
  • Hectoshi = 100 satoshi
  • Decatoshi = 10 satoshi (don't think this will be used much)
  • Satoshi = smallest unit

There would be a nice symmetry compared to btc.

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I honestly don't think it's that important at this point, since the fees are so high that nothing besides one full XMR is really transferable, and anything below 0.1 XMR gets collected as dust fees (I think). Also, I vote for 0.000000000001 XMR = 1 tacoshi :)

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what about just naming it like the prefixes?

1 XMR = monero

0.01 XMR = cent (-imonero) or (monero-) cent

0.001 XMR = milli (-monero)

0.000001 XMR = micro (-monero)

0.000000001 XMR = nano (-monero)

0.000000000001 XMR = pico (-monero)

When people know thay are discussing monero, there is no need to add "monero" to the name of the unit. Like we say "cent" and not "eurocent" in europe

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I think that this is the most logical naming but, as a Spanish talking user, Mili-Monero sounds like "My lemon tree" (Mi limonero)

On other side, people doesn't need to say "eurocent" because there is no other currency at streets, but it will be a must when cryptocurrencies are every day use.

IMO there is no need to search names at the moment, when mass adoption occurres, people will find a naming for pennies indepently of what we think now or in the future.

(Sorry about my English)

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I proposed exactly the same thing on IRC the first of October but with an apheresis

oct. 01 01:54:05 Guys some days ago, there was a semi-serious discussion about the name for the submultiples of Monero and someone mentionned SI is good. Problem is, it ends up with a lot of syllables. So this night I had an epiphany (yeah I know; couldn't resist). Apheresis is my solution oct. 01 01:54:08 Decinero 1 dXMR
oct. 01 01:54:08 Centinero 2 cXMR
oct. 01 01:54:08 Millinero 3 mXMR
oct. 01 01:54:08 Micronero 6 uXMR
oct. 01 01:54:08 Nanonero 9 nXMR
oct. 01 01:54:08 Piconero 12 pXMR

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I agree.