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Community Ideas not Making into the Funding Areas of Website

Is it possible to start putting community ideas that require financial support in the funding area of the website? For example:

  • Chinese Translation (language translation)
  • Official GUI (by official GUI, I mean a reference client that changes are introduced to)
  • Paying a team of developers to work/expand Monero
  • Mobile Wallet development (and yes, I know about the new Android version)
  • Exchange development (fiat pair)
  • Branding (extend the Monero branding (logo) to an official GUI, etc. People want to be part of something, and this is the way to do it. (This subject gets brought up time and time again and the community obviously wants this, and we need a brand to rally around).
  • We also need developer input on what needs financial backing--specific development goals that they deem paramount.

Guys, we have a big opportunity here, but I think we need to be more proactive. (this isn't a jibe at the developers by the way, more towards the Monero community at large). We need more/better visibility on financially funding projects. I believe that a lot of projects (a nice long list) need to be included in the funding area. This gives people a way to vote with their Monero. (and if the project doesn't take off, if they have a payment ID, they can either choose to get their Monero back or dedicate it to another project). We need to enable funding for a large amount of projects and even sub projects with additional funding if required. The community needs this visibility and a central area to flesh this out and continue development.

I understand there may be a need to evaluate some ideas before they are included, but I would rather the community take a more active role in this, with consultation from the developers and website owner(s). A better way to get Monero to take off quicker is through a large amount of community momentum--and keep the momentum going.

Also, I would urge all community members, if you are able, to donate or continue to donate at regular intervals--whatever you can afford.

Its up to us, where do we wan't to take it?

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fluffypony edited 9 years ago Replies: 1 | Weight: -346 | Link [ - ]

Ok so the way it's done here: is wrong.

The person pitching the idea shouldn't be the one putting it in funding required, because how do they know how much it will cost? It's NOT a bounty, it's funding a specific thing. I can't go create a Kickstarter that says "put fluffypony on the moon" and tries to raise $50 000 because that's what I think it'll cost, nobody would back that.

I also think that something like "exchange development" shouldn't be crowd funded using this system - the exchange operator is going to make money, and the crowd funders are going to be paying for the development, seems a bit unfair:) Exchanges will add XMR markets as and when they see fit.

What I encourage you to do is find people who are willing to DO those tasks, and get them to pitch a cost, timeline, availability, milestones, etc. in the thread for that idea. Once we have someone that is willing and able to take on the task we can move it to funding required.

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palexander edited 9 years ago Replies: 1 | Weight: -346 | Link [ - ]

Yes, good point about the exchange fluffypony. My list was simply an attempt at starting a list of projects that may need funding. It wasn't meant to be all inclusive nor thorough. You can't complain to the community about not receiving any funding if people simply aren't aware of projects to fund. The impetus for making the original post was listening to a podcast that was done a few months ago in which you guys talked about lack of funding. We all still need a, hopefully comprehensive, list of ideas that need funding--and there needs to be a way to measure community interest of each idea. Otherwise, I don't see how anything will get funded--especially large projects.

We can't really continue to put money into a large pot hoping that a select few people will properly choose where the money goes. (The Bitcoin Foundation did this...and it was a train wreck.) There needs to be much, much more community involvement/interaction with consultation from the developers and/or people who will be performing the work. Its basically breaking down projects/tasks that the community can assimilate and going from there.

My post can be digested down to:

  • A list of ideas that need funding.
  • Measurement of what the community would like to be funded through a simple XMR metric.
  • Fund and work commences.

The "Fund and work commences" portion can be revised over the life of the project as the community sees fit.

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fluffypony edited 9 years ago Weight: -346 | Link [ - ]

I agree with you, and the point of the funding system is to NOT have a black hole that money goes into. But I do believe we can abstract it even further. Anyone can pitch an idea in the Ideas section, even if they don't now how much it will cost or if it's feasible. But in order to move to the Funding section it has to have a single person / team that is willing (and capable) of seeing it through to completion.

The problem is that right now there's no clear way to "pitch" to complete an idea, but I'm going to chat to Edvinas about adding that functionality:)