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How would I go about translating website content to Portuguese?

I've tried to collaborate in the past by working on some MEW related translations, but the underlying platform was not great, and overall I feel that my contribution would be more valuable if centered on the main Monero website. Now, I know the website is on github, but beyond that, I'm clueless. I've browsed the data on the website repository, but did not look to me that there was a framework in place for multiple languages (or it was not obvious enough for me to grasp).

If the framework is not available yet, or it is too soon, all is fine, just let me know. I'll be around and happy to contribute whenever the time comes.

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palexander edited 9 years ago Weight: -359 | Link [ - ]

I believe you can fork the website on github and put your own translation in. Just set up an account on github and go to town.

github monero website

fluffypony edited 9 years ago Replies: 1 | Weight: -364 | Link [ - ]

Sorry I only saw this now - we've got a multilang plugin we've been working on (, but we've decided to hold off until the Jekyll 3.0 has stabilised (they're on beta 7 at the moment), otherwise we expend a lot of effort on making the plugin work on 2.5 and then we have to expend a lot more effort making it work on 3.0

I've pinged the Jekyll community for feedback, and will revert once I hear anything, but I guess it'll be a month or two (maybe three) before we have the plugin completed and sample pages up for translation efforts to start. Sorry about that, the Jekyll major release is mucking things up a bit:)

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Myagui edited 9 years ago Weight: -365 | Link [ - ]

Many thanks for the details fluffypony. I shall eagerly await for the opportunity to contribute :)

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I would like to help too but I see no framework where I can translate from to...