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Review and integration of offline transaction signing code i[...]

I would like to put out there a call for offline transaction signing to be given a higher priority so that it can be released with the next version of simple wallet. I'm told that the code has actually already been written, see here ( but requires some dev(s) to go over it more thoroughly and give it some more development attention before it can be pushed into the simple wallet codebase.

I feel this is a vitally important piece of functionality that really needs to be given a higher priority as it offers users transaction security that is currently not available. Much like Armory in the Bitcoin world, offline transaction signing is going to be an invaluable addition for users holding a significant amount of XMR, and will offer a great many other users piece of mind when using Monero to transact on insecure computer, and just in general.

This will become even more important when the GUI for Monero is released as many new users will likely jump into Monero at that time and if this kind of functionality is not available it will make many new users far more vulnerable to theives. In addition, unlike Bitcoin where you at least have the (small) disincentive to steal due to the traceability of Bitcoin, Monero thefts will simply vanish into a black hole. I think this is all the more reason to have these types of safety nets in place to ensure users are as protected as possible, and by doing so this will raise people's confidence in, and adoption of Monero in the future.

I would like to see if there are any devs that would like to give it more attention, and possibly set up a forum funding bounty to help speed up review and development for this feature, so it can be used with simple wallet now, and be easily hooked into the GUI wallet when it is released.

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