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BlockGrant X

Putting it here for reference

The MS word document application form looks simple enough. I can't determine if there's a catch. I think we'd honestly have a shot. We now have a public track record of successfully funded and executed projects with milestones etc.

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Gingeropolous edited 8 years ago Weight: -87 | Link [ - ]

So I'm going to use this as an all purpose dumping ground for other grant oppurtunities:

applying for these things serves a dual purpose - it has the obvious potential to get funding, while simultaneously getting the word out.

Of all things, COMCAST!

linux foundation core infrastructure

Open technology fund

XMRChina posted 8 years ago Weight: -87 | Link [ - ]

Because the grant is coming from a Chinese company, our proposal should include details about how Monero will be introduced to a wider audience in China and fulfill an unmet need for financial privacy in that market.