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Make it rain on the devs when 0.9 is released!

Who: The monero devs

What: Eventually 0.9 will be released and it will be amazing

Why: To show our appreciation for the devs hard work and to foster further development... like, I don't know.... integrating shen's new CT work! Or the i2p stuff!

And to throw a 0.9 release party! Maybe moneromoo can program some new drink options in tippero, and someone can develop an bot that puts your words through a drunk filter.

Where: I don't know. Wherever disco balls can work on the internet.

In general, the idea is to raise a boatload of monero to donate to the core team upon release of 0.9 insert-name-here.

I assume @fluffypony will distribute it as he sees fit... so its kind of like just donating to Core team, but we're doing it here, where we feel cool about doing it.

So how much should we try to raise?

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nioc posted 8 years ago Weight: -143 | Link [ - ]

I have never had a problem donating to the core team but it seems that most people like donating for a specific goal. Maybe you could think up a donation goal for when 0.9 is released. More devs and content seem to be needed and popular but I'm sure there are other creative ideas. It doesn't need to be just one idea/goal. Better be quick about it as I hear the release is set for Oct. 15. As far as how much, again goals make it easier to put a number on it.

BTW thanks for all you do for the project. I'm playing the lottery for tomorrow, cross your fingers.