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Task list / To do list

**NB: To do list at the bottom -

Additional NB: It doesn't have to only concern "promotion". It can be many other things.**


Many want to contribute, but do not know what to do.

A challenge for many wanting to contribute, is "where do I start?". Especially if someone who wants to contribute doesn't have many technical skills such as coding, deeper understanding of the network, etc.

There was a missive about this recently (although it's been recorded quite a while ago now). Still, there's lots of vagueness around, what to do. Many people are working on their individual projects already and lots of things happen behind the scene, but many are just left with writing in threads and have that be it.

NB: I also have the hopes that it potentially could limit questions and needed responses to the developers.


Up-keep a "to do" list that is not entirely dependent on dev-work and not necessarily requiring coding-skills.

I would encourage people to do pro bono work and chip away at items on the list. However, a lot of people's time is better spend elsewhere and thus donations from those people towards the "funding required" items are encouraged instead.

The intention is to keep the tasks on this list rather small in scope, not larger projects which warrants funding.

Additional ideas:

  • Add a site under "Getting Started" on this site, aptly named "How can I help?" where a short explanation of how to pitch in (other than sponsoring/donations) is explained and an up-to-date (weekly?) task list is maintained. Tasks done would be visible with strikethrough. If it is deemed a good idea I will create such a page, and (figure out to) do a pull request.

  • To add to the above idea, we can have people sign up for a "task-newsletter" type-thing. It would be including "What was done" and "What needs to be done" and "who gone done it..".

  • Even though bounties do not seem to work - and this is only an idea too - we could have people donating to a task-list address and then we can do weekly / monthly votes on who did the best and they would receive the (unknown amount - only known to escrow?) donation? I am not sure I am sold on this specific idea myself though!

"What can I do?"

1) You can subscribe to this thread (and potential newsletter?), so whenever it is updated you will get a notification.

2) You can add your name to a task/part of a task on the list and add your deadline. I or someone else will update the task list with with your name and deadline. (Please add a realistic deadline, and try your best to stick to it, so others are not deterred from doing a task that you're not getting done. Of course if you regret, your name can be removed again, and please consider doing so).

3) You can add tasks/ideas that needs to be done. Preferably you will break down bigger tasks into smaller tasks. Example: The Moneropedia is getting work done now, but "Updating/finishing the Moneropedia" can be a daunting task. Breaking down tasks - in the style of David Allen's "Getting Things Done" would be "Add words to the wordlist" or "Write content for "Spend Key". Smaller tasks could even be "write the index for User Guides". Maybe someone is deterred from finishing it, because they do not know where to start - or finish. These were examples related to the website, but there are many other tasks that could be done, be it helping some other project with your skills even use the list to ask for help with your project. Do you need your Monero-website to look better? Do you want to make a presentation?

If you have suggestions to the list (or breakdown of tasks) then please go ahead. Even though it is beneficial to break down tasks, let's only do it to the level necessary for being most efficient.

N.B. - As much as possible, and without micromanaging I'll see if I can hold people responsible to their commitments. Mostly just through friendly reminders and banter. Potentially asking if people need help or if they want to avoid doing it anyway.

TASK / TO DO LIST: (updated october 3, 2015)

  • Upkeep this list (Name: Opennux - Deadline: Weekly)
  • Create and PR a "How can I help" page with a short intro + the task list (if wanted?) (Name: Opennux - Deadline: October 9)
  • Create a (semi-official?) newsletter and signup-page on "How can I help". (Depending on sentiment) (Name: opennux - deadline: tba)
  • Create info graphic(s) (Name: Palexander - Deadline: tba)

  • Create design for QR code stickers linking to or sub-site + adding # of site-visits from this

  • Write Index for "User Guides" (What should the content be?)

  • Write "User Guides"

  • Write "External Projects"

  • Write Index over required "Developer Guides"

  • Create "Developer Guides"

  • Add Words to the Moneropedia

  • Finish the "Monero Research Lab" text and page

  • Write/Create the "OpenAlias" page

  • Update third party clients page - jojatek is no longer maintaining MoneroX

  • Finish "About Monero" page - it has text in the bottom which is a "note to self". The author forgot to delete his notes, and it is published..

  • Expand the media-package

  • Create a short video/animation/whiteboard animation explaining what Monero is.

  • ........Please, feel free to discuss and add more content/your name&deadline.

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harpua posted 8 years ago Weight: -176 | Link [ - ]

Hey openux, just thought of another possibly good idea for us to start doing, in cooperation with your efforts to get privacy incorporated companies to start seeing the benefits from Monero.

What if someone were to make a Monero faucet page website that was only supported by ads that were privacy specific related? I don't know if this will work as well as other ideas people might have, but maybe when those corporations start seeing people click those ads because they are truly interested in their privacy, maybe it'll be tempting for them to start accepting Monero in the first place.

Gingeropolous edited 8 years ago Weight: -178 | Link [ - ]

> Finish "About Monero" page - it has text in the bottom which is a "note to self". The author forgot to delete his notes, and it is published..

That was my fault. There were 2 pages, and I uploaded both of them. and the first one was published. So, word to the wise, there is not any editorial effort on the stuff that is merged, so get it perfect on your fork first.

I copied what was in into, so whenever the pull request is accepted this will be fixed.

Gingeropolous posted 8 years ago Replies: 1 | Weight: -179 | Link [ - ]

paging @fluffypony - is there a place we should upload images to in case we want to make screenshots etc? Or should we just temporarily host them on imgr and then you will move them (and mod the reference) to your server eventually?

Reply to: Gingeropolous
fluffypony posted 8 years ago Weight: -179 | Link [ - ] is actually just the Monero Forum, so all the images get hosted on that repo. I'll open source the forum software along with the forum Missive on Monday.

harpua posted 8 years ago Replies: 2 | Weight: -179 | Link [ - ]

I was thinking, maybe we could make a bunch of stickers made with a QR code on it that would link someone to on their smartphone... I know in the city I live in there are a bunch of stickers promoting businesses, bands, and well, anything really... I think if we would have the just the Monero symbol and nothing else with a QR code on it, then people would be like, "what the hell is this"?

Downtown in my city is full of bars and is a college town, so maybe it would inspire just 1 person or 1,000 students to get interested...

What you guys think?

Reply to: harpua
opennux edited 8 years ago Weight: -177 | Link [ - ]

I think it's a great idea too. A few additions to the idea could be not just linking to, but a specific landing page for it. Also, if that landing page is specific, it can be measured how many people actually visit through there. That way you can see if it is worth doing or not. For example if every "QR-run" only gives one, it might not be best use of effort. If many more then certainly we're talking!

Reply to: harpua
Gingeropolous posted 8 years ago Weight: -179 | Link [ - ]

go for it! getting stickers made is easy. making QR codes is easier still.

though, hopefully we have more content by the time someone makes it to :/

palexander posted 8 years ago Weight: -179 | Link [ - ]

I've been thinking about going on fiverr and hiring somebody to do a nice info-graphic on Monero for the purposes of either printing and handing them out to people at trade shows, conferences etc., or giving the image link to people/corporations who are interested in privacy on the internet and private digital cash. Businesses like Tutanota could easily get the idea of Monero from a nice, concise info-graphic.

I guess I will sign myself up for this.

owm123 posted 8 years ago Replies: 1 | Weight: -179 | Link [ - ]

Good list. But please dont forget that one issue there is, that you cant use xmr directly to pay/donate or support projects/websites or whatever. Thus if you think monero has any future and you care and want to support any porject/website, please let them know you can support them through xmr.

The perfect example is recent community effort of asking tutanota to support donations with xmr:

I'm tutanota user myself (also protonmail), so I fully think that just letting to know privacy oriented service (if you use any) about being able to donate some xmr to them is useful.

After all, its all about privacy. If privacy oriented services cant see and appreciate value of xmr, than I dont think anyone else will.

Reply to: owm123
opennux posted 8 years ago Weight: -179 | Link [ - ]

It's great. All those things can be actionable tasks indeed. So please, add suggestions to the list. But more specificity would be great!

A task could be "Find 10 - 20 - 30 - whatever number - of privacy oriented services". Another task could be "Contact this or that service". And so forth. By quantifying it a bit and also having an always relatively up-to-date reference list of somewhat easily attackable tasks will hopefully make many more things happen.

opennux posted 8 years ago Weight: -180 | Link [ - ]

Maybe a "How Can I help" page should be listed under "Community"? It just made sense to have it close to the "Donating and Sponsorships" menu.

What do you think about the newsletter idea?

Any suggestions for improvements to the approach?

owm123 posted 8 years ago Weight: -180 | Link [ - ]

Also just asking questions on r/Monero, monero forum or bitcoin forum helps. New comers, or veteran,s dont be shy of questions, suggestions, criticisms, etc. All these will keep r/Monero and the forums alive.