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Privately donate to privacy-oriented services


Problem: privacy-oriented services do not accept monero.

Solution: Collect monero to donate to privacy-oriented services, assisting them with getting set up to receive monero.

Rationale: A service that sees lots of Monero ready to donate will be incentivized to find a way to accept monero (with assistance).

Benefits: During the process of informing these services of monero and setting them up to receive monero, these services will hopefully wish to include a "donate with monero" button on their website.


Milestone 1: Collect Monero

Because Monero will be using the i2p network, I think this should be the priority for donations. We can agree on some other projects, and we can suss out how to divy them up at some point. We could even break apart this "task" into several tasks, such that it is clear where people want to donate to.

Milestone 2: Contact projects and inform them that X$ amount of XMR is waiting for them if they set up the ability to accept monero.

Milestone 3: Assist those projects in setting up Monero.

Now, of course, the devils advocate would state that these services might be aware of Monero and are simply not accepting it yet because they are smart and do their research and realize that Monero's privacy technology is kinda borked until we implement MRL4. If this is the case, fine - accumulation of Monero for future donation will take time.

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Lloydimiller4 posted 8 years ago Weight: -94 | Link [ - ]

I like this idea, and my vote would be for helping tails, and since 32 bit will work with v0.9(I think?) if someone could write up a short tutorial for getting it to run on tails I'd be happy to pay them. :D

canth posted 8 years ago Weight: -184 | Link [ - ]

I'd support this. Let's target one project/company first and see what kind of response we get.

Gingeropolous posted 8 years ago Weight: -186 | Link [ - ]

from bitcointalk:

Gingeropolous posted 8 years ago Weight: -188 | Link [ - ]

sylviaplathlikestobake posted 8 years ago Weight: -188 | Link [ - ]

This is a great idea. I wanted to donate anonymously to hacklab, but they told me they weren't setup for cryptocurrencies and to send cash by mail. Seriously, the organization who just hosted I2pcon 2015 didn't accept cryptocurrencies and wanted me to mail them a donation in cash. WTF?