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Idea for a completely new sport gambling website that accept[...]

Hey guys,

Just wanted to say first, that this is my first time posting on this thread and look forward to talking to all of you guys on here. Been a lurker for monero for about a month or so and am enjoying being part of the community on different forums.

Wanted to pitch this idea here, because I've already been on /r/monero and on the bitcointalk forums with it and want to see what you guys thought. So here's the very basics of what I want to do [url][/url] ...

Those are the very basics. But here is essentially a list of everything I want to do:

1) A sports gambling game based on a table format that uses a provably fair system of issuing users "spots" on the table

2) Each table will then be full based on game format they want to play: (Ex: Alex wants to start a game for the upcoming super bowl game. He sets the price "X" and uses XMR to fund it. Phillip sees the game was created and wants to play it. Sees the price per slot is "X" denoted in XMR, but he only has BTC. No worries, he can still deposit his BTC into the system at the reasonable BTC/XMR amount.

3) Each game (still using the super bowl analogy) is set up in a 10 X 10 table format. Once the game has reached 100 gamblers, the provably fair system will then randomly place players in random spots. Then, based on another provably fair random number generator, each space at the top and left side of the table will be issued random numbers ranging from 0-9; along with each team assigned either the top or left side (in this case, let's say the Packers are up top and Colts are on the left).

4) So, the Packers and the Colts are playing in the super bowl; once the kick off starts the game starts. How the game works is whatever the score is at the end of the game (say Packers: 21 Colts: 17), whoever had the spot with the number corresponding spot for the Packers "1" and the Colts "7" will win the prize of the entire pooled amount for the game.

This isn't to say we can't do this with every game in the world. Thought this would be a great idea in general and would want to promote the use of Monero by being the only site who offers this style of sports gambling.

Let me know what you guys think :)

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opennux posted 8 years ago Replies: 1 | Weight: -201 | Link [ - ]

It's a great idea - but crowd funding it as 'development' is probably not - seeing it is a business after all. Although it seems like you're not after funding, but rather just posted in the ideas thread anyway, and just some bouncing of ideas and acknowledging if it is a good idea is what you're after.

It's good. Just make sure you won't be facing any serious legal issues.

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harpua edited 8 years ago Weight: -201 | Link [ - ]

I'm not necessarily looking for "crowd funding", but open to investors if they are interested; and currently getting an escrow on board. I do respect the Monero community a lot and wanted to get feed back from you guys because I trust your opinions a lot more than anything else.

Personally, I don't have enough funds right now to completely go in by myself to create the alpha and beta versions to get it up and running. So this is just more of an open invitation for investment opportunities, but in general it's more of a thread to share ideas about this topic.

Once I get the code written in an logical format, I plan on running a VPS so I won't be hosting the server... Does this mean that I can avoid US gambling laws since I live in the US? I don't mean to make this site sketchy, but I don't want to run into any serious legal issues as well... so I'm totally open for suggestions as what the Monero community would think about what steps I should take for this up coming project.

Edit: if anyone would like to help create this for me, I would really prefer someone from the Monero community to hire rather from someone on Bitcointalk... Willing to pay once I get the funds up and other investors who are interested.