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Poker Night

If you have a Friday night poker game with the guys, using the Monero web wallet and smart phones or tablets and a simple webpage (can even be a page in this forum or your blog, etc) with everyone's name and Monero payment address on it, you can play poker with Monero with the guys instead of fiat money. Be generous, give everyone some Monero to play with the first time you guys play Monero poker. They can buy their own Monero the next time you play, though.

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miragecash posted 8 years ago Weight: -220 | Link [ - ]

No, I don't mean an illegal online poker site. Remember, the founder, Bryan Micon of Seals With Clubs was raided at GUNPOINT. So, no, not suggesting anything illegal. Just a friendly game of poker for chump change for fun amongst friends in the real world, not online in the virtual world.

FYI, I actually had to use "Startpage", a search engine to figure out what you mean by "Seals With Clubs". I though that it was a conservationist group or something, lol. I don't gamble, BTW.

I also wasn't talking about cryptochips, either. Monero is a 21st century digital money of the "Singularity". Why the heck do you want to turn it into a physical chip/coin? Physical money is ancient Chinese (paper money) or Greek/Turkish (gold coins) tech that's gonna go the way of dinosaurs and dodo birds.

DaveyJones posted 8 years ago Weight: -221 | Link [ - ]

If we ever get something like sealswithclub for Monero i will be all over it :D

Lloydimiller4 posted 8 years ago Weight: -228 | Link [ - ]

Thanks for the idea! I just placed an order with for some XMR & BTC chips so I will see how good the quality is for them and see if my mates want to gamble some crypto, we can use the chips to keep tabs on who owes who. I'm kind of new to poker, but I'm sure my mates would want to have a night to play sometime.

I'll post some pics of the XMR/BTC chips once I get them. :D