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Creating a decentralized "pool" for XMR private keys/public[...]

So again i was thinking of ways to improve security. Bitcoins get hacked all the time from exchanges, users wallets, etc. This is just a thought. But, what if a "decentralized pool" was made of private/public keys. The "pool" would be optional and a place to submit address's to with encrypted private keys. Users could submit their address/private keys to ensure their coins can't be hacked or lost from accounts/wallets on their computer and the like. The only way to retrieve/send your coins/have access to your address would be through 2 factor authorization, multi sig, or secret passphrases. The difference between this and having an account on your computer would be that even if your computer is lost, or breaks down, or you get a keylogger, etc, your private key and moneroj are safe as you can make it so your private key can only be recovered from something like 2 factor authorization.

It would be like a decentralized account/wallet system for monero addresses(just like the network is already a decentralized system for moneroj themselves). Just a thought.

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