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How do I Pay 1XMR import fee

I am a complete neophyte to Monero. I created a wallet at MyMonero, sent the public key some money from Poloniex and now want to see that it arrived. I am instructed to pay MyMonero 1 XMR. I am just fine with paying you 1 XMR to import my transaction history so that I, presumably, can see what I have. The only problem is I haven’t a clue how to do that! MM have given me three codes “to make it easy”. for example: Payment command transfer 3 1000000000000 effbca3e5bfbcc06bff058f4ea4043e711bc21ad042e3efd282fe9f515615daf What do I do with them??? Where do I paste them to transfer i XMR money to MyMonero??

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jimnofast posted 3 months ago Replies: 1 | Weight: 276 | Link [ - ]

I may have solved this problem by opening another Monero wallet but this time using their payment id etc to transfer some XMR. On my first attempt I just transferred BTC to the address they provided, this time I used "recieve"and pasted in all the other data they provided I assume when it clears I shall be able to send the 1 XMR fee to the first account?

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Agnostic posted 3 months ago Weight: 308 | Link [ - ]

Seems like a hefty fee!