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help! where did my monero go? BlockHeight showing 0.

Tried moving some monero from the GUI wallet onto an exchange-provided (kraken) monero integrated address.

Checking the history tab on the wallet, it shows the hash, and the payment ID, but the block height is 0!

the monero has not returned back into my wallet, nor has my unlocked balance. There is no signs that it showed up at the kraken address as well. What do i do??

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gundamlancer edited 7 months ago Weight: 8 | Link [ - ]

Porbably it is stucked on pending.

type this is monerod/daemon


Read more about it here

Pasha edited 7 months ago Weight: 5 | Link [ - ]

Same problem here, is you issue solved? Its been 6 hours and still blockheight 0. Any support out here?