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Mac OS X Woes

Post them here.

I downloaded from the website (not github) and am getting: Illegal instruction: 4 Any thoughts?

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Moneromonroe posted 8 years ago Replies: 1 | Weight: -7 | Link [ - ]

didn't work... I always get "command not found" on anything here. OSX El Capitain or whatever the name is of that latest one. Is it that hard to just make a monero client/program that works? Spent like 5 hours and got nothing. :( disappointed

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wedgy2k posted 8 years ago Weight: -6 | Link [ - ]

Have you got homebrew installed? is the easiest guide to follow to install homebrew

Once you have homebrew installed you can either compile yourself as per @KeyJockey 's instructions

or as I suggested and use @sammy007 's brew tap.

KeyJockey edited 8 years ago Replies: 3 | Weight: -284 | Link [ - ]

Hi dEBRUYNE, thanks for that. I'll try it ASAP and post back results here.

One thing first, however... I am assuming if I run these commands in Terminal on the Mac in the ~/.bitmonero folder (which, itself, just to be clear... means a folder named bitmonero created off of the ROOT of my main Apple format hard drive partition? Can this be run from any folder, anywhere? Or only off of root? Also BTW, I have this MacBook's single HD partitioned in a weird way with Apple and NTFS and FAT sections, for a custom bootable Win7 native option, which may complicate things?)

Anyway, I digress... I'm assuming IF I run these commands in the /bitmonero folder then all the stuff downloaded and installed will live in that folder or sub-directories, yes?

OR might all this stuff result in some situation like on Windows where shit is installed all over the place in \system structures etc with little hope of ever being able to cleanly DELETE or un-install it later, IF things don't work out and I want to get all traces of it off my laptop after all.

Sorry if it's a dumb question, LOL, but I come from a long time Windoze background, back to Win95, and have been bitten hard more than once by installing stuff without a clear understanding how to un-do or fully un-install afterwards, that ends up totally gakking the machine: I wanna avoid that here if possible. All this stuff is BETA software (even ALPHA) after all.

Anyway, I'll probably make a full backup of the Apple partition before starting, just to be sure, but IAC would really like to be sure that I understand exactly what I'm doing before starting any of this.

Thanks again for any/all help or advice :)

{Edit} Also for future reference here is a copy paste of Saddam's helpful instruction post from BTCT reference above:

Have you been thinking it's “Way too hard to acquire these Monero Bucks”? *A Step By Step Guide to Compiling Monero on OSX:* I've noticed an increase of people wanting to compile the latest code. While there are plenty of Linux resources I haven't seen many for OSX. Also, the bitmonero Github README points to instructions that install an older release, which is not what you want. The good thing is, the instructions are not much different from Linux, but if you're new to the command line this may be intimidating to figure out. Just follow these instructions step by step in your Terminal and you'll be running in no time. 1. Install Homebrew. ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL" 2. Install various packages needed to build the Monero daemon and wallet. brew install git boost cmake libevent miniupnpc 3. Clone the bitmonero repository to your computer using Git. git clone bitmonero 4. cd bitmonero 5. Finally, compile the code. make release 6. If you get no errors, you're ready to start the daemon and begin syncing the blockchain. cd build/release/bin ./bitmonerod 7. Command+T to open another Terminal tab. Now you can run simplewallet and start using Monero! ./simplewallet 8. If you found this guide helpful, feel free to donate 1 XMR like so: transfer 3 47Vmj6BXSRPax69cVdqVP5APVLkcxxjjXdcP9fJWZdNc5mEpn3fXQY1CFmJDvyUXzj2Fy9XafvUgMbW91ZoqwqmQ6RjbVtp 1 PGP fingerprint: DFCD 9E76 28D5 65F2 E07C 992B FA16 832C 8E42 06C6


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wedgy2k posted 8 years ago Weight: -283 | Link [ - ]

If you have homebrew installed use sammy007's brew tap (dead easy to use) Works on my mac 10.10.4

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dEBRUYNE edited 8 years ago Weight: -283 | Link [ - ]

I am not using OSX nor am I really tech-savvy, so I hope @saddam will help you out with your questions.

In addition to @wedgy2k, sammy007 said the following on IRC: "Run "brew update" and then "brew install bitmonero --HEAD". Works on my Yosemite."

"Anyway, I digress... I'm assuming IF I run these commands in the /bitmonero folder then all the stuff downloaded and installed will live in that folder or sub-directories, yes?"

This is true AFAIK

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saddam posted 8 years ago Weight: -283 | Link [ - ]

You can create the folder anywhere, it doesn't have to be in your home directory. ~/ is the home directory of your current user, not root. / is your root directory and much of the critical folders are hidden there so they can't be easily messed up.

If you want to uninstall, just delete the bitmonero folder (make sure you've moved any .bin.keys files out if you have Monero on them), and delete the hidden ~/.bitmonero folder to remove the blockchain.

The ~/.bitmonero folder is just where the blockchain is stored.

Also, I was informed today that sammy007's brew tap is updated which does everything i said above, but with less steps.

If you ever wanted to uninstall the packages that brew installed, just do brew remove .

KeyJockey edited 8 years ago Replies: 1 | Weight: -285 | Link [ - ]

Hi folks, I'm interested in this too.

I've got an extra MacBook Pro that I wanna try to run/mine Monero on if possible. I downloaded Mac files from the website, but no idea how to proceed LOL. Tried running the Terminal app/icon, double-clicked, but nothing happened or it crashed or refused to start or something (not sure).

So, ha, some newbie-friendly step by step instructions on how to get going with it would be great.

Also my Mac is OS X 10.8.5 and I don't wanna update OSX if possible (I prefer older UI design).

Also IF possible I'd like to keep the big blockchain file on my NAS box, on home network, to avoid filling up the MBP's hard drive. Instructions for that too, if do-able, would be much appreciated.

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dEBRUYNE edited 8 years ago Weight: -285 | Link [ - ]

Just follow these instructions and you should be good to go!

If you still have remaining questions just state them after you try that guide. Hope this helps :)

charliev posted 8 years ago Weight: -286 | Link [ - ]

saddam - could you post your Mac OS instructions from BTC talk to this forum? I think the OP might find that as the magic ticket. BTW - thanks. I was never ever able to get the daemon or simplewallet running on a mac, and am giving your instructions a try right now.

saddam posted 8 years ago Weight: -307 | Link [ + ]

I could never get the OSX binaries on the website to work for me, I've always had to clone from github and compile myself. If you need help with that I'll post instructions. OSX 10.10.4 here as well.

hillbilly posted 9 years ago Weight: -322 | Link [ + ]

The machine is on mac os X 10.10.4 if that provides any insight to those smarter than me.