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Creating monero from thin air


I have a stupid question but I would really like to have an answer.

With ringCT I understand that nobody can see the amount of XMR in transactions except the sender and the receiver.

Now let's assume I have an UTXO with 0.001 XMR. What prevents me to broadcast transactions on the network with 0.01 XMR fees, thus sending negative balances (0.001 - 0.01 = - 0.099), spamming the network and creating new XMR from thin air. Of course I will not profit these XMR they will go to the miners, but I can still spam the network? If I am a miner I would also have incentive to do so...

Maybe a stupid question, but how can we know there is enough XMR to pay miner fees (so we know the transaction is valid)?

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kenshi84 posted 6 years ago Weight: 0 | Link [ - ]

Hi, cedric.

The problem you described is central to the Confidential Transactions scheme (common to both Maxwell's original version and RingCT) which is solved by a technique called range proof. Here's the original CT paper ( that explains it, and here's an answer I posted to StackExchange ( that explains it differently.

Hope it helps!