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The next generation of local monero trading has arrived

Hi Monero enthusiasts,

I would like to introduce our new local cryptocurrency trading website. Liberalcoins is the first local person to person exchange that offers Bitcoin and Altcoin trading for cash as well as inter-cryptocurrency trading all under one roof.

What sets us apart from similar services?

Traders can manage their cryptocurrency portfolio and easily trade across all cryptocurrencies available on our website. We have also included some unique security and trading features that will enable individuals to trade faster and more secure.

Our solutions:

  • Monero for cash trades at some of the lowest trading fees in the market
  • Bitcoin, Dash and Litecoin for cash trades also at some of the lowest trading fees in the market
  • Any electronic payments available or can be added if not listed as yet
  • Cryptocurrency trades between Bitcoin, Dash, Monero and Litecoin to give traders the ultimate flexibility of balancing their cryptocurrency portfolio


  • Automatic backup of the database every 4 hours,
  • Backups are saved on 2 different locations,
  • One backup location is Amazon S3. The backups are encrypted on our server, before they are uploaded to the Cloud Service. The decryption password for the backup is written on paper.
  • Constant logging of all services,
  • Users will be able to encrypt their access to their funds with their password (private key encryption). This feature will be enabled after our beta.
  • Constant security checks by third party services.


  • Servers on the Isle of Man, one of the best regulated countries in terms of Privacy protection in Europe.
  • No Google Analytics, we use self-hosted Piwik instead,
  • No advertisements,
  • No sharing of user data.

What do we track on our frontend?

We use NewRelic, Piwik and trackjs to checks for JavaScript errors and improve our user experience. NewRelic and trackjs have a strict privacy policy. Our Piwik analytics is hosted on a private server.


We recognise that trust is a big issue in the cryptocurrency market. To inspire confidence that we are a serious and reliable business and here to stay we have our business, business papers and business owners validated by Symantec, one of the top cyber security companies. As a result, you will be able to see our company name in your address field when you visit our website.

For further information please see Liberalcoins promo video on YouTube and our launch story on Cointelegraph.

We value any feedback and suggestions to help us bring you the best possible trader experience and inspire confidence in our business. Register on, get familiar and let us know what you think.

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