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Small, Private Nutritional Therapy Services and Nutrition Su[...]

Health is wealth! For all your health, wellness, and nutrition needs! I am a small nutrition practice owner, and I gladly accept Monero, or other digital currencies for any/all of my nutrition services and products. I do online/distance consultations as well. View my website here to learn more. I hope I can serve you.

I also am looking for sponsors to help fund nutrition programs for those with financial hardship. The demand for sponsorships greatly outweighs the funding from sponsors. Here is a link to the sponsorship program page. If you would like to pay for a program or donate to the sponsor programs you can send Monero to this Payment ID: 79d6528f18122fb5d48984a773d611e5356a1f49e440e1e46986148ff1dc5a03

Thanks for your support! As a small private, nutrition practice, all business is greatly appreciated! Please check out my website here for more information or to book your consultation.

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