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BTC isn't anonymous.
Monero doesn't have a GUI yet, but who cares? It's anonymous. When Monero (and all other alts that are repping "anonymity") is tradeable for BTC on exchanges, why don't any darknetmarkets accept truly anonymous currencies like Monero? Is anyone working on getting markets to accept Monero? What better place to test the robustness of Monero than in the wild wild west? What better place to gain some traction?
Do I have a screw loose?

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TonyClifton edited 9 years ago Weight: -885 | Link [ - ]

For an anonymity-focused coin there is little discussion of why anonymity can be important, how it could be useful, and how to do it properly. Which gives the sense that Monero has been picked up by a few techies interested in doing some cool work, and doesn't have much of a vision for the coin..

Some prominent FAQs on privacy, TOR, I2P etc would be a good start.

rocco edited 9 years ago Weight: -887 | Link [ - ]

i think black markets that need real anon (not the guy that sends you 5 xtc with fedex) are key for larger adoption. "Technical" Black markets will lead, other black markets will follow. the problem with humans is, as long there is nothing bad happening, most dont change anything. But its only a matter of time until they take out some of the bad guys based on blockchain analysis. if this happens and also gets public, we will go to mars. they will come by themselfs if they really need the anon, the badest guys will come first because they need it most, no need to advertise a lot i think.

Nekomata edited 9 years ago Weight: -888 | Link [ - ]

Because the most popular darkmarkets now are fbi honeypots lol

I have no interest of visiting or buying from such places, I rather legit merchants start adopting Monero...

vuduchyld edited 9 years ago Weight: -889 | Link [ - ]

You may or may not have a screw loose, but this is a fabulous thought.

pa edited 9 years ago Replies: 1 | Weight: -889 | Link [ - ]

Can Monero be integrated with OpenBazaar?

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JShank edited 9 years ago Weight: -886 | Link [ - ]

All cryptocurrencies are probably asking he same question. OpenBazzar is open source, with some effort all altcoins and XMR could be integrated. (I'm trying to avoid lumping XMR and altcoins together)

dnaleor edited 9 years ago Weight: -893 | Link [ - ]

you re right. This will be the first big market for monero. I hope it will be picked up soon :)