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transfer between 2 wallets

Hello How can i track my Monero transfer (deposit/Withdraw) between my 2 wallets? like in in bitcoin

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scoobybejesus posted 11 months ago Weight: 0 | Link [ - ]

Check this Monero Stack Exchange question and answer for what you may be asking.

If you simply want to reflect the same balance in each wallet, that will happen automatically when each wallet refreshes. Your wallets will generate the deposits and key images associated with that address. From monero-wallet-cli, you can enter show_transfers to see all the ins and outs.

If none of that is what you're asking, perhaps you're asking how to view the transaction in the blockchain. If that's what you're asking, the wallet from which you are transferring Monero will provide a transaction ID. You will paste that transaction ID into a Monero block explorer, like or, for example. It will show you if your transaction has been included into a block. Then again, if you are not checking for the transaction right away, you will sometime not that much later see the deposit appear in the second wallet.