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midipoet: represent Monero at CryptoFinance_2018

Title - midipoet: represent Monero at CryptoFinance 2018, Norway.

What - Monero have been invited to have a representative at the CryptoFinance 2018 Norway conference. Rehrar was initially scheduled to represent but is now unsure if he can due to unforeseen circumstances. He asked the community in the IRC meeting on the 29th September if anybody would be willing/have time. As i am based in Europe, and relatively close to Oslo, i proposed that i could go.

Who - Hello all! Some of you may know me, a lot of you probably don’t. I have been in and around the community for a few years now; slowly getting more involved as time goes on. You are probably wondering what my main involvements with the community are, and why i think i have the authority to speak at this conference, and those are fair questions. I mean what exactly have i done, other than talk on Reddit and IRC?! Well, most of my interaction with the community has been through a current Information Science research project that is being conducted at University College Cork, Ireland. I gave a talk on the project at DefCon 2018 this year. The research is on Privacy and Blockchain technology, with a specific focus on analysing varying perspectives of privacy from within various social groups in the blockchain space, with Monero being the main one. At DefCon I was also charged with creating the DefCon CryptoPuzzle, which i did in conjunction with Monerart. Other than that, i would say i am just a community member, and a privacy advocate. I am also a Dr (not a real one), completing my PhD in distributed music systems, before shifting over to Information Science (don’t ask!). I am really just trying to stay away from the real world as long as possible.

Why - As Rehrar said “because the community has my [his] back!”. In all seriousness though, Monero was invited to talk, and someone needs to represent us. Admittedly, the conference is the kind of thing that most of us (me included) frowns upon - ICO, Market Efficiency, Competitive Advantage, Price Up, Price Down, blah blah blah, but i think it is extremely important to have a voice from the humanistic, non-profit driven, privacy advocate, FOSS perspective at these types of events - and even more so someone that has engaged with a large amount of people in the space about what privacy actually is, and why it is so important. Through my research i have engaged with quite a number of community members, regulators, corporate architects, etc, etc, and got their views on this, not to mention having done Lit Review type research on top of my own interest. I feel i can speak to that with authority.

The Proposal and Milestones - As the conference is covering entry and hotel, all i am asking is flights and food. It's not really about the money for me, more a representation of the FFS system working and the community valuing representatives like me (and others) at these events. I will be there for the two days - flying in the day before and leaving the day after.

Expiration - I am going to put 60 days here. Not sure the protocol.

Funding details (in EURO) -

Hotel: covered

Flight: €200

Food: €100

Based on an approximate XMR price of €100 euro per XMR, this equates to 3 XMR.

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I had the pleasure of sitting through midipoet's presentation at CryptoFinance 2018 in Oslo today. The event was live streamed and recorded and you can view his talk here:

midipoet was also part of a panel later in the conference and and did a great job representing the values of the Monero community:

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midipoet posted 5 years ago Weight: 0 | Link [ - ]

hey, thanks for the kinds words!

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+1 XMR on behalf of

midipoet posted 5 years ago Weight: 0 | Link [ - ]

this is now completed. my talk is at

and i was also on the panel afterwards, which starts at

i was also asked to post the payout address, so here it is...thank you to all that contributed! hope i did ok \o/


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I support this.