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oneiric: June-August part-time Kovri junior developer


Hello Monero community, I'm oneiric, and I've been working on Kovri since December 2017.

This is my first FFS proposal to the community, and I intend to make many more (if the community will have me). I'm in it for the long haul. Privacy is incredibly important to me, and I want to do everything I can to help Kovri and Monero. These projects are some of the strongest tools the common person will have in achieving freedom and financial privacy.


I am submitting this proposal to continue work with anonimal on bringing Kovri to release and integration, and to be funded as a part-time junior developer.


Over the past few months, I have collaborated with anonimal, rehrar, and others to make contributions to Kovri.

Standing on the shoulders of giants:

Milestones & Proposal


In collaboration with anonimal:

Compensation & Time Estimates

Amount: 27 XMR (0.225 XMR/hour * 40 hours + 0.45 XMR/hour * 40 hours)

The amount I am requesting is based on similar FFS proposals, and average base-pay for a junior developer.

In order for the community to get to know my work, I am willing to give a discounted (50%) rate for the first 40 hours (1 month @ 10 hours/week) of paid work.

The goal is to complete the milestones by DefCon 26, whatever it takes.

Any time more than 10 hours/week, I will volunteer to achieve the stated goals.

To get an idea of my dedication to accomplishing these goals, average time spent on Kovri in April-May was ~50-60 hours/week.

Let's Discuss

I am new to the project and community, and welcome feedback on this proposal.

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Thank you much for the donation pa, you rock!

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Your friendly neighborhood oneiric here,

Since the last update to my FFS, I have replaced cpp-netlib with Boost.Beast, implemented converting fuzz tests to use clang's builtin fuzzer (based on work by MoroccanMalinois, many thanks), implemented integration tests (based on Boost.Python work by anonimal, many thanks), and removed unnecessary signature types.

After discussion in IRC, and a number of my PRs closed by anonimal, unit-tests/test coverage are no longer a milestone of this FFS. Test coverage percentages are a bad metric for test usefulness/effectiveness, and should have never been part of this FFS. The only remaining milestone is replacing cpp-netlib with Boost.Beast, which I have completed.

It's been a learning experience in writing effective tests, and I continue to strive for improvement, as can be seen in my LeaseSet unit-tests in #1023, URI unit-tests in #1033, and Stream API unit-tests in #1040.

Here is a list of my open work:

I will update the list if/when my work is merged.

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I deeply appreciate everyone who donated, and will work hard toward this alpha release and beyond!

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Yes please, lets get this to funding required, will surely donate.

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Thank you for your support Alex058, you're awesome!

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sounds good, I'll support this proposal.

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drfred, you rock! Thank you for your support.

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I approve of this proposal at 00:39 UTC 12-Jun-18


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Much appreciation for your approval, anonimal. You are, and have been, truly great.

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Hi all,

This is oneiric checking in on FFS progress for June and 3/4 of July.

Over the past couple months, I have been collaborating with anonimal on alpha release milestones and bugfixes.

Here is a list of my merged work over July and June:

My focus from now until August 1st will be on writing tests for untested modules, running live tests, and fixing bugs as they arise.

Progress on the GUI for testnet has been postponed to find a Qt developer able to take on UI work. Some progress has been made on the current testnet, and Boost python hooks are now functional.

Alpha milestones are all but complete, and this makes testing / bug-fixes the top priority until Alpha release.

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A note to the reader: if you look at the links you'll see that I had to do a lot of fixing, patching, and code additions to a majority of oneiric's PRs; more-so than any other contributor. But, on the other hand, oneiric is proving to be a model for all other contributors and I am thoroughly impressed with oneiric's tenacity, dedication, and ability to LEARN from mistakes: this is huge, and not to be understated. As I've said before, oneiric has made massive progress in a short amount of time and I look forward to seeing more of their work in the future.

oneiric is also making a solid notch in the community and this is very important to the project and community at large. My only complaint is that, in terms of assisting, I would hope to see more follow-through with things that I ask. In particular, leading the migration to boost.beast instead of working on other things. I don't expect immediate results and I know that research takes time so don't worry about feeling like you're not being productive (if that's what you're feeling). Aside from that, keep up the good work.

>Alpha milestones are all but complete, and this makes testing / bug-fixes the top priority until Alpha release.

All milestone issues were resolved yesterday (July 25th) for rc3: