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Coordinator of the Localization Workgroup. 3 more months - E[...]

Hi Folks!
It's ErCiccione proposing to work as coordinator of the localization team for 3 more months. First of all, thanks for the great support my last prosposal received, it was funded in few days and that made me very happy. The Localization workgroup is my little baby and it's very satisfating to see the community appreciate my work, thanks again.
About my proposals, you can find my last one here and the first one here. You can also check my activity on GitHub, all my commits are Monero related.  

My proposal is basically the same as the last one, but, in short, what i do is take care of everything related to translations in the world of Monero. This include make sure all translations are updated and new ones are added correctly. I'm also in constant contact with our developers to stay updated on anything new our workgroup could help with. Right now i coordinate the localization of:

  • Monero GUI wallet
  • Monero CLI wallet and Daemon
  • Kovri website
  • Monerujo - The android Monero Wallet
  • Documents of the Meetup kit
  • Many other minor projects, like the scripts of the Monero videos on youtube, the quarterly Revuo Monero etc. You can find a complete list on our backlog on Taiga

My job also includes: creating wikis on how to contribute to the projects listed above (you can find them in the Wiki section on Taiga) and keep them updated; Look for new contributors posting updates and requests on reddit and GitHub.  

This time I'm not writing what have been achieved in the past three months, since I can't really keep track of every change in all projects anymore, but all the activity of the Monero Localization Workgroup can be tracked on Taiga, since i constantly keep it updated. Link:

New projects i started working on since last proposal

  • The localization of Monerujo (android Monero wallet)
  • I recently created, with the help of other contributors, the 'official' guide for the Monero GUI wallet. This one will be translated, to make it available to as many people as possible
  • I finally managed to test the localization platform Pootle. Looks very good and i'm sure it will be of great help for our translators, since they won't have to deal with git's workflow, which can be confusing and often slow things down. The platform only need further testing and some tweaks (to make it usable for Monerujo, for example), than we will start to use it.


Same as the last proposal: $20 per hour, 30 hours each week. At the current rate (1 XMR = 160$) would be 15 monero each month, for a total of 45 XMR. Payout will be around the 7th of july, August and September. These rates can be changed if the community feels so, feedbacks/questions are very appreciated. Thank you :)

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Thanks lh1008! :)

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愿意支持社区 项目,可是社区对中国玩家不是很友好,捐赠需要邀请码,管理看到了解答一下

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不确定你的意思。 为什么不友好? 为了捐款,你不需要任何邀请码。 只需使用指定地址从钱包中发送硬币即可.
I hope this ^ make any sense, i used google translate. English version:

"Not really sure of what you mean. Why not friendly? To make a donation you don't need any invitation code. Just send the coins from your wallet using the specified address."

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Nice ! Donated too

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Thanks for the support :)

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We need you! Down to donate!

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Will donate.

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Thanks for enabling Monero to be useful worldwide.

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Thanks for your support!

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Thanks :)

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Thanks for your donation :)

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Thank you! :)