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Coordinator for localization group + various maintenance


Hello! This is my first FFS proposal, I will try to keep it short and schematic. Follow what I'd like to do for Monero:

Localization group coordinator
The Localization/translation workgroup is finally operative, but the amount of work is increasing along with the popularity of Monero. I always did my best without asking for funds, but now we have many tools, platforms, translators, etc. that need coordination and support, this means many hours of work every day. What I plan to do:

  • Live support to translators, giving the info they need to make a translation and keep it updated. This is already ongoing on IRC (#monero-translations), Taiga and GitHub.
  • Keep the Taiga workgroup updated. We started using Taiga to better keep tracking of the development of the translations. As you can see is basically our ToDo list, but need to be frequently checked/updated
  • integrate the Taiga workgroup with GitHub. This will help to keep tracked what need to be translated/updated, will basically allow the code on GitHub to "communicate" with our ToDo list
  • Find more translators. Monero must speak as many languages as possible, I will contact communities of translator trying to get them interested and contribute to Monero
  • Add missing Italian translation of some documents (mainly Kovri and meetup kit) and keep updated all the existing ones (GUI, daemon, Kovri, etc)
  • Production of documentation to help aspiring translator and newcomers to get started
  • Pootle Instance: Now that the localization workgroup is active we nee to make it efficient. GitHub scares a lot of newcomers and that have an impact on the amount of translations we can have. This can be solved with the adoption of a localization platform. After discussions on IRC and GitHub we decide to try Pootle, but we are having problem finding developers able to set it up, Now I have no time to do it, but if this proposal get approved i will dedicate much more time to Monero, So i can start working on the platform myself, or recruit somebody to give an hand. This way, we should be able to have it ready for January
  • Stay in contact with the other workgroups, to be sure that all their material is translated and the translations updated


  • Keep posting threads like this to make tools and info easily accessible to (aspiring) contributors
  • Website maintaining: I'm learning web developing and I'm helping to keep the Monero website updated, this mainly adding new merchants, looking for minor bugs and sort new issues (I already help to keep the issue tracker organized using the LabelBot)


I met Monero about one year ago and I fell in love with its goal and community. For me this project is the example on how a group of people could literally change the world, just because they want to. It was an injection of hope, so I started contributing. I do my part in many ways, I'm leaving down here a brief list just to give an idea:

  • Gave a structure to the translation team, until few months ago, every translation was a random contribute from random people. Now we have:

  • Made some posts on Reddit with the goal of giving people tools and info to contribute to Monero (some examples can be found looking in my Reddit history)

  • Translated a big part of the GUI in Italian and helped people to translate it in their languages (I contributed in the developing of at least half of the languages available on the GUI today)
  • Fully translated daemon in Italian
  • Translated and helped translating Kovri website
  • Gave technical support to translator on GitHub (To give you an idea, make a research in the GUI repository using the keyword 'translation', you'll find my contributions in many threads
  • I'm learning to be a proper developer, so i started coding from scratch. In my GitHub repository you can find my first program: a 50%+1 attack checker for Monero,
  • but I'm also learning web developing, that's why I'm improving my CSS, Html and Jekyll skills while helping keeping the website updated (mainly adding new merchants and fixing small issues)
  • I opened my GitHub account only to contribute to Monero, on my profile page you can find a summary of my commits.

Why should I be hired?
As said I really love this project and I really want to see it bright! I'm training myself in many different fields, with the goal to become to be much more helpful to Monero. One day I'd like to be an important point of contact between community and developers, and also a developer itself.

Summary and Milestones

35 hours a week for three months for a total of 30 XMR (at the end of these 3 months, if the community like the project, we can keep doing it). Since a big part of this proposal is to give support to potential contributors, I will be working 7/7 for about 5 hours a day (no day off. Btw, I will definitely be online for more than 5 hours most of the time), but with more flexibility. Meaning that if one day I work 3 hours I'll be working 7 the day after, the total to keep in mind is the weekly one. 3 milestones of 10 XMR each (end of December, end of January, end of February), if this proposal get approved quickly, we may add 2.5 XMR for any week of work during November. Updates will be given during ours Community meeting or any other occasion (by community wish).

If you like the idea and you want to express your appreciation for my proposal, or you prefer to discuss some of the terms, please comment down here or on the Reddit thread. Also, if I helped you in past and would like to leave a feedback, please do :)


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I'll be happy to donate to this cause.

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Thank you! :)

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Thanks :)

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Donated happily. Sorry for not sending a round number. I recently heard about Monero and I started learning more on its community. I love the spirit of Monero. Thanks to all those who give their time in the most generous way and thanks to all the community for its great, warm spirit. I wish I could send more but my wallet is not thick at all :(

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Don't apologize! A small donation from somebody who hasn't a thick wallet is even more appreciated. If you are willing to donate some of your potential gains just to see this project bright, you have my respect and my gratitude :)

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Thank you for your hard work..

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It's a pleasure! Thank you for your support!

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Me too.

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+1 XMR

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Thank you very much for supporting me :)

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Because of the increase of value of XMR during last weeks, we don't need to reach 30XMR I consider my FFS proposal funded for 27 XMR. Milestones are:

  • 7 XMR - End of December
  • 10 XMR - End of January
  • 10 XMR - End of February

Thanks to everyone who donated