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Monero Integrations Second FFS


We are living in a world that have a lot of integrations with web-apps: you should think slack, github... Every web app has integrations. I think monero will be popular if we develop some plugins to be used for merchants like for Wordpress, Magento, etc.

My plan is developing integrations (plugins, add-ons) for monero; My goal is everyone will support monero as payment.

The plugins/addons will developed by me and cryptochangements with PHP, html and the framework of Web App. Please if you have any ideas about this, please post it! I will implement the best ideas. Of course, I can develop python, nodejs library too!


Hello, I'm Nico aka SerHack. I am a web developer freelancer, sysadmin and I worked in the past as marketing coordinator for IT company. I'm from Italy and this project is one of the best project that I've ever seen. I believe in open source projects like Monero :) If anyone doubts of my job, you can check my previous library/plugins on github.

WHO (2) cryptochangements

Hey fellow monero-ers! Some of you might recognize the name cryptochangements from IRC or perhaps you have seen me on github. I, like serhack, have come to love monero and hope to see a day were we can all make private payments with monero. Of course, merchants need to adopt monero in order for us to see this day. This is why I began working with serhack during his last FFS to put together monero-integrations for WordPress and Prestashop quickly and smoothly. When I initially started working with serhack I was simply testing and fixing some simple bugs, but I ended up doing much more to help serhack solve bigger issues and add other features to make sure that the plugin runs smoothly and securely. You can see my commits on the WordPress plugin here and you can see my commits on other monero-integrations projects, like the the Prestashop plugin, as well as my other monero-related projects on my github page: Now after reading all that you might be thinking "if you were just contributing for the sake of open-source before, why don't you do it again?". Unfortunatly, I am much busier this time around than last time. I really would love to work on this project as I believe that it is very beneficial to the monero community. After speaking with serhack, we decided that having two people working on the project would be very helpful in heelping to get the plugins secure and ready for release so that monero can be ready for merchant adoption. In return for the hours and some long nights spend in front of the computer in order to acheive this, it would be nce to receive some XMR in return. With me working along side serhack on this project 1 XMR from the first milestone and 2 XMR from the others would be going to me. Of course this is just the proposal stage, so if the community (you all) decides that they would rather save up their moneroj, then I would still try to contribute when I can but I probably wouldn't be working as closely with serhack and I wouldn't be able to contribute as often which would mean that development would probably go a bit slower with serhack working generally by himself.

First Milestone:


XMR Requested: 9 XMR

Second Milestone


XMR Requested: 20 XMR

Third Milestone

OpenCart XMR Requested: 20 XMR

Fourth Milestone Create a E-Shop that accepts only Monero. Based on CodeIgniter Framework (PHP) ( NEED A FEEDBACK FOR THAT, NOT CONFIRMED)

Shopify(?!) I have some doubts about infrastructure of that.

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please consider a laravel cart package and/or payment gateway. My favorite project for this application is laravel-shop (, though you would probably need to look at one of the forks for up to date laravel (5.5, etc) compat. It's light weight and allows you to create custom products and services(cartable items out of anything). If there were a monero payment gateway alternative to this: ( that could facilitate payments between users' wallets and devs' custom carts, that would be huge. It's nice to have these prebuilt carts for CMSes/web designers but for php devs it's much better to have larevel(and maybe other popular frameworks) packages. i'm currently using coinpayments for a general paypal-like button, but it would be nice to have a self-hosted, customizable/properly integratable solution that could accept payments directly from users'/customers' wallets. a relay to my private monero wallet would be cool. a full node on the server might not even be necessary, IOW. If subscription capability were added to monero wallets and it could work with a new laravel payment gateway package this would be big for monero. i already have a use case for this for an application(will be AGPL) i'm writing. i would love to directly accept monero subscription payments. thanks

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First milestone released

I have already finished the first milestone!

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I personally don't use / haven't used these integrations but you're correct about webapp integration popularity. As such, I think this proposal is a great idea.

Because the first proposal completed successfully, I think expanding on plugin development would be a good thing to do.

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serhack, I would hope to see more publicity for your site :)

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Cool, I think I should think about marketing!

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I did a writeup on the status of Monero integrations across plugins for eCommerce, online shops and CMS systems. Hope to see more integrations soon! :)

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Donated 10 XMR from the general donation fund

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Yay Serhack! Donated some XMR.