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Mooo full time october-december

Edit: I changed the rate following the precipitous decline in monero exchange rate.

We're now in the third and last month of my current FFS, and so it's time to prepare for the next three months, october to december.

At $30 + .2 monero an hour, and the current monero price at $135.8886.45 from, those three months amount to 285 monero. There's already a 117 monero excess from my current ffs from people's generous contributions, so that leaves just above 100168 monero remaining.

These three months will be spent most likely on finishing up multisig, and other cool stuff I don't want to guess at yet. Possibly some coming from MRL, possibly some wallet optimizations. Possibly some DB reorg to store tx prefixes separately. I won't speculate just yet :)


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Second milestone done:

  • libwallet_api split from libwallet (saves a lot of time when debugging...)
  • misc build fixes for various configs (ie, readline not found, etc)
  • fix for wallet side default setting of ring size (introduced when changing mixin to ring size)
  • wallet2 now tries to minimize the number of tx creation calls when making a tx (mostly useful for ledger)
  • monerod now warns when the disk space is low (also available via RPC)
  • the wallet can now relay a tx it was previously created, but not sent (via RPC)
  • reorg of dependencies (mostly for the wallet, and to try and keep build times down)
  • some wallet refresh optimizations
  • C port of the java PoC for bulletproofs by sarang
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First milestone done:

  • The out_peers monerod command now works again
  • Building without AES on archs with AES now works again
  • output_histogram can now get a single denomination (@N)
  • refresh-from-block-height is now gettable/settable in monero-wallet-cli
  • The TCP DNS server to use can now be specified in DNS_PUBLIC
  • Moar multisig!
  • RPC speedups for the GUI (less locking where unnecessary)
  • monero-wallet-cli does not download block hash history anymore
  • Bitcoin RNG port
  • Some connections leaks fixed
  • Various small fixes, a bit hard to put the line between "to report" and "too small to report"
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Wow time flies! Is that 117xmr excess from last time actually earmarked for future funding of you?

Well $135 was near the high water mark and it is now ~$115.

I'm sure there will be plenty to keep you busy.

Looking forward to helping fund this.

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I don't know the exact status of the 117 monero, but it seems likely it will be used as seed. This is only an assumption, however. And yes, I got pretty unlucky on the timing. Even more when you consider I use the quote, so I "called the top" maybe. In the wrong way ^_^

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Underpaid. Undervalued.

moneromooo should start requesting a larger, more realistic amount of funding. IMHO he should've started doing that long ago.

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Third milestone:

  • secure wiping function to survive compiler mayhem
  • misc work to speed up building and for cleaner dependencies
  • --offline now does not try to make DNS requests
  • port bulletproofs from sarang's Java code
  • switch from chacha8 to chacha20 for added security
  • new fuzz tests
  • fix peer list exchange between different node versions
  • initial sync infinite loop fix
  • code review and associated fixes
  • update code now handles SSL and can do range requests
  • multisig wallets now have (hexadecimal) seeds for save/restore
  • fix deadlock with --max-concurrency 1
  • build hardening
  • fix DNSSEC checking with embedded unbound
  • precompiled headers
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Donated 35 XMR from the general donation fund

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Thanks again everyone!

Here's what I'm working at the moment: That'll be most of the download size shaved off for new users.