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Talk about Monero thread

This is a thread. A thread about Monero. A thread only about Monero and things related to Monero. Trolls are welcome, shills are celebrated, and ____coin is our gotdam favorite. Tired of BCT? Then chat here. Please. And thank you.

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What's the scoop on BCT? major hack?

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A social engineering hack whereby their server was compromised for 12 minutes. According to their twitter account 12 hrs ago....>>> "Unfortunately, looks like password hashes and email addresses were compromised. Probably not PMs, though. Back up in 12-24 hours."

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The phrase "social engineering attack" sounds like such utter bullshit to me.

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BCT is down and has been for almost 24 hours now.

But, getmonero is UP!

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"Social engineering hack" Sounds like total bullshit. Alarm bells.

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Hi. Same me as on bitcointalk.

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I really like this dewdeded's post on Bitcointalk:

> Looks to me, like (there is a strong chance) the Darkcoin community is going repeat the same errors the Litecoin community did. > > More and more regular, vocal posters in their community, show this well known "LTC attitude (& behavior)". (arrogance, sense of superiority, clearly not technically-versed people are opinion-forming & dominating discusssions/the community, losing touch with reality, very self-centric, (trying) to disallow any neutral & critical opinions, questions & discusssions, anyone not 100% hyping DRK will be stigmatized and ridiculed as troll, fudder, shill, etc.) > > This is a new development. Like in the last 3 months. Could get pretty dangerous for them (see Litecoins history). > > Why does it matter? Because this observation should be an indication of importance & motivation for us, to further develop and actively maintain our healthy community. > > Moneros community must always stay: > > open, friendly, objective & open-minded, fact-based, respecting everyone, esp. non community-members, democratic, fair & not greedy, transparent, (strictly) skill-based task & job assigments, intelligence driven (always searching for & acknowledging the best solution, even if this best solution is not XMR compatible), ... > > The Monero Project is so strong and well positioned. We can talk openly & objectivly about our (coins) weaknesses. We don't have to lie, create our "own golden reality" or prohibit open discussions. > > With objective discussing & reflecting about XMRs weaknesses. We will find better solutions & improve, we stay focussed (and won't create an hyping circle-jerk scene) and we will gain alot of respect, from all in crypto currencies interested parties (others projects, experts, newbies, press, professionals, ...). > > Because, no one likes the LTC attitude.

It is a nice follow-up of this one:

> I'd like to share some thoughts about altcoins rise-fall-death cycle. > > I noticed when Bitcoin enters some long bearish cycle - always appears some fork which starts to rise to btc. NMC, LTC and now DRK. After some time fork dies and next fork appears. So I'll try to analyze this phenomenon. > > Let's call next fork "shit". > > 1. When Bitcoin enters some noticed bearish cycle, people start to be bored. They want permanent rally. > 2. Bored people look around and here is a "shit". The same Proof Of Work shit as Bitcoin, but has some special features. > 3. "Oh my god, it's a new paradigm! " - people say and start to sell bitcoin and buy shit. Bitcoin bearish phase accelerates. > 4. Meanwhile shit market saturates, Bitcoin market passing capitulation phase and starts to recover. Bitcoin becomes bullish. > 5. People keeping shit - watch for rise of Bitcoin. They move their funds back and create additional bullish acceleration to bitcoin. Shit drops. > 6. Bitcoin market saturates and enters correction. > 7. Back to point 1. > > I call it "small shit cycle", when Bitcoin and shit go in antiphase. > > Every alt fork makes few shit cycles and then slowly goes to a toilet pan. Because new alt with "new paradigm" appears and enters it's first shit cycle, it's first step to a pan. > > I call it "big shit cycle" - when shit after few cycles goes to a pan and another shit appears. > > Meanwhile, every altcoin place is a pan because of "Long fork theorem" which CJDNS founder told me in IRC in 2012. > > This is only theoretical thoughts, based on multi year market observations. I hope in some time I'll make a science paper. Hehe.

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Enjoyed reading that masterpiece, David. Thanks!