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Is legit?

Can I use to create a monero paper wallet? Is it legit? Thanks :-)

P.S. for 5 moneros or so, I can import the moneros in the paper wallet into the web wallet, right?

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pa posted 8 years ago Weight: -183 | Link [ - ]

Yes, it's legit.

Gingeropolous posted 8 years ago Weight: -194 | Link [ - ]

and if you create an address using and then import it into mymonero, there's no need to pay the fee, because the address is empty.

the only reason the 10 xmr fee is charged is to scan the blockchain for previously deposited funds.

moneromooo edited 8 years ago Weight: -197 | Link [ - ]

You can download the page on your hard disk, and follow the instructions to verify the GPG signature. Since the public key which signs it can be found in the monero source tree, it gives you some kind of assurance, assuming the signature verifies against that public key.

About the web wallet (mymonero), I think it's 10 monero to import past transactions.