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Wall Observer XMR/BTC - Monero price movement tracking & dis[...]

Every coin needs a wall observer, to chat about the price, post trains, imagine bearwhales and just hang out. So, are we seeing a double bottom at 0.0026? I felt someone is trying to paint it, the market buys didn't feel right.. If they were just left at 261 they would probably get filled in a couple of hours. What do you think?

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rocco edited 8 years ago Weight: -882 | Link [ - ]

damn orderbook is so low, will 26 hold or we break down to 23?

vuduchyld edited 8 years ago Replies: 1 | Weight: -883 | Link [ - ]

I have no clue what is going on with the price. Double bottom at .0026 seems possible, but honestly, I can't make a lot of sense of the action as of late. Is it the BCX FUD? Emissions? Emissions debate? Is there a whale or two simply exiting capriciously? Or NOT buying up where they were buying before?

In the short term, I don't feel like I have any handle on the next move or the bottom. This feels like a buying opportunity, so I took some nibbles over the weekend. But I'm just operating under the theory that in a couple of years, it won't matter how much I paid. It will only matter how many I've managed to accumulate.

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saddam edited 8 years ago Weight: -880 | Link [ - ]

Is it possible there is some relation to the Moolah bankruptcy and XMR tanking? A lot of people seem to have lost some XMR on the site due to "problems with the daemon" and it makes me think something funny is going on.

rocco edited 8 years ago Replies: 1 | Weight: -883 | Link [ - ]

great, we need a wall observer!! oderbook is still pretty low, bid side on polo is slowly recovering, looks much more stable compared to some hours ago.

i hope we stay stable and go up soon :-)

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Nekomata edited 8 years ago Weight: -883 | Link [ - ]

XMR 30-day VOL is only behind LTC and Doge, I think the reason for the low buy support is/was the constant attack FUD, as some whales were afraid someone would dump on the entire book if something had happened, but ofc nothing happened, it should be corrected on the next waves of good news

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