Please login or register. going xmr, looking for testers

hi there,

in case anyone is bored and wants to help testing the xmr implementation at safedice before its scheduled launch:

or (turns you automatically into my referral)

if you don't want to deposit any of your own precious xmr, feel free to ask for me (rexxludi) in the trollbox. I'll tip you some.

disclaimer: I'm neither the owner nor the operator of that site. I was an early "investor" and convinced the admin of going xmr. please never forget to do your own due diligence and never ever invest/gamble more than you're willing to lose. the proof of solvency problem without the viewkey ain't solved yet, but I hope that luigi is going to collect the bounty soon :)

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Kazuki edited 9 years ago Replies: 1 | Weight: -426 | Link [ - ]

we really need the viewkey feature

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drfred posted 9 years ago Replies: 1 | Weight: -334 | Link [ - ]

agreeing with that one. there was also another possibility discussed on btct to prove solvency iirc. will get this topic back on the table with sd admin :) on another note: implementing xmr as the only crpyto besides btc has been the right fucking move as expected. if you wanna track the performance of sd, check :)

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dEBRUYNE posted 9 years ago Replies: 1 | Weight: -333 | Link [ - ]

It certainly was the right move! Btw, regarding dicesites, do you know any other dice sites that would integrate Monero besides BTC as well? More dicesites means more awareness and exposure.

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drfred posted 9 years ago Weight: -332 | Link [ - ]

yeah, we're pretty happy with it atm, though the profit is a bit too much above expectation imo :D unfortunately I don't know any other legit dice site planning to add xmr right now. JD/doog will probably stick with clams, like prc will stick with btc(though they have integrated shapeshift 1 or 2 month ago). my best guess would be to ask alex from bitdice, since bd is already accepting a few alts directly. from an gambling operators perspective accepting xmr should be a no-brainer, biggest hurdle therefor might be that people simply don't know about moneros awesome properties. personaly while I'd like to see xmr grow, I hope that we'll stay the only dice site accepting xmr for some time :D

ps: to improve the visibility of xmr there's going to launch a nice faucet soon, no fixed eta yet, but the plan is to be online before 8/8/15. potential advertisors will be contacted as soon as there is a launch date, but feel free to shoot any question/idea at me you might have.