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Independent Libertarian

I would like to express my political leanings with these two words, Independent Libertarian, and I am looking for some feedback on the validity and perception of the label.

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Hueristic edited 2 years ago Weight: -573 | Link [ - ]

Is there any other kind? I am one and also a confirmed agnostic. :)

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i wonder what are your thoughts about Bitnation, which starts its crowdsale tomorrow ? for reference:

dnaleor edited 2 years ago Weight: -894 | Link [ - ]

I started as a right/conservative liberal, changed to libertarian, then minarchist and now anarcho-capitalism ;)

The proces from conservative to anarcho-capitalist took 2 years, but now I don't think I will go back to statism ;)

Drhiggins edited 2 years ago Replies: 1 | Weight: -895 | Link [ - ]

I would say I'm the same, that is why I love crypto-currencies. Most of all Monero. Keeping the torch of liberty alive is important. Particularly keeping government out of my wallet and my bedroom are big on my list. Puppet fiat currencies are rigged and manipulated in favor of the rich. De-regulation is a most for all of us on planet Earth. I could go on an on but the Independent Libertarian mind set is so me. Happy to be here and happy to support this coin and what it means. I've been following the Dev team and the community at large for 2 months now although I seldom speak I'm very happy to see where this coin is headed. Good people doing good work and keeping freedom a reality.

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lordfoo edited 2 years ago Replies: 1 | Weight: -896 | Link [ - ]

With respect to the "Independent" part, do you mean that you're independent of a particular party (say, the Libertarian Party)? Or something else?

I have a hard time describing my own flavor of libertarianism because I disagree with some significant planks of the LP platform.

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5w00p edited 2 years ago Weight: -896 | Link [ - ]

You are correct, as I do not affiliate myself with any political party, hence the Independent label.