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Error:unexpected error:Error!What is c if cols = 1! What's wrong with it? When i use transfer command,that" transfer 0 47CunEQ4v8FPVNnw9mDgNZeaiSo6SVDydB3AZM341ZtdYpBYNmYeqhh4mpU1X6RSmgBTfC8xqaAtUGC2DArotyaKSz1LJyj 1 858fe496adb80d71295a7e2c0ab9a54334321155f7461222728766a5b67b8d48" show me "Error:unexpected error:Error!What is c if cols = 1!" Thanks!

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viorelv posted 3 months ago Weight: 306 | Link [ - ]

Hi, I have the same issue when I try to transfer to I have tried different computers, redownloaded WinX64 version, recreated wallet.

Is there a solution to this?