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**xmrMiner** a new high optimized NVIDIA GPU miner

Dear Community,

there is a new optimized NVIDIA GPU miner xmrMiner available. xmrMiner is a fork of KlausT's ccminer version. ccminer is developed by Christian Buchner's & Christian H.'s and modified by tsiv for Cryptonight mining.

xmrMiner achieves on a NVIDIA Tesla K20 26% more hash/s than ccminer.

Performance Overview

gpu launch param xmrMiner [hash/s] KlausT ccminer [hash/s] speedup [%] clock [MHz] watt
k80* 24x39 482 395 22 875 115
K80* Amazon AWS 24x39 469 399 25 875 128
k20 24x39 397 314 26 758 99
P100 72x56 1640 1630** 0 1328 92
GTX TITAN X 16x48 633 579 9 1151 132

* used one of two GPU sockets

Please test xmrMiner and post you feedback on reddit or in this forum. If your GPU is not listed on this benchmark side or you achieve a higher hash rate than currently posted please add your results there.

If you found any bugs please open an issu on github.


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AlxMrx edited 7 years ago Replies: 2 | Weight: 0 | Link [ - ]

Hello, I tested your miner with my GTX 970 (win 10) but I get lower hash rate vs ccminer. With your miner I had around 330 H/s while ccminer is 390-400 H/s. Also, the system got really low responsiveness.

My launch parameters: --launch=24x26 --bfactor=6 --bsleep=25

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pcmedia posted 7 years ago Replies: 1 | Weight: 0 | Link [ - ]

Apparently this miner mostly helps GTX 10#0 and the more expensive cards.

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fireballs696 posted 7 years ago Weight: 0 | Link [ - ]

I have had this take a card getting around 30H/s in a laptop with ccminer on auto and after I was done tweaking it was at over 160H/s

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fireballs696 posted 7 years ago Weight: 0 | Link [ - ]

I run --launch=16x26 --bfactor=6 --bsleep=26 on my GTX 970 also on windows 10 and I get 426-436 H/s

Bierbam edited 7 years ago Replies: 2 | Weight: 0 | Link [ - ]

Tetsted it for several days with standard settings and low cost cards, can try also with Ref Clock and other settings. Playing with max Memory/bxt slowed them down to 50 to 60Hs.

750Ti 256Hs 5SMX/20b/8t/352MB (Core 1462Mhz/ Memory 1450Mhz) x4 PCI Express

950 262Hs 6SMX/24b/8t/438MB (Core 1616Mhz/ Memory 1778Mhz) x16 PCI Express

950 257Hs 6SMX/24b/8t/421MB (Core 1565Mhz/ Memory 1752Mhz) x4 PCI Express

1050Ti 305Hs 6SMX/24b/8t/669MB (Core 1936Mhz/ Memory 2152Mhz) x16 PCI Express

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psychocrypt posted 7 years ago Weight: 0 | Link [ - ]

thx for this overview. good job

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psychocrypt posted 7 years ago Weight: 0 | Link [ - ]

I think you could reach better rates if you use for blocks 2x smx and more threads. Memory should be as near as possible to 1gb or maybe 2gb. Could you try for the 6smx cards --launch=32x12 or --launch=24x18 Do you perform the tests under linux? If you use windows please wait with the tests for the next release. The next release will allow to run larger launch settings under windows without get killed from windows for blocking the gpu.

apollo69 posted 7 years ago Replies: 1 | Weight: 0 | Link [ - ]

@psychocrypt thanks for this, I had just installed ccminer and after installing yours I see the performance lift as per your table.

I'm running 8x K80 so I used the 24x39, but in your table it says this is best for when only one of two sockets are being do I check what is my config, and what is the optimal parameters if both sockets are being used?

I'm running Windows 2016 server FYI, thanks again!

enter image description here

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psychocrypt posted 7 years ago Replies: 1 | Weight: 0 | Link [ - ]

Each socket of the k80 is visible as a independent gpu. If you specified the launch paramter the value is passed to all gpus. The configuration for each gpu is printed during the start of the miner. xmrMiner supports up to 8 gpus which means 4 x k80. If your system contains 8xk80 which means under linux nvidia smi shows 16 gpus than please contact me again and I can explain how you are able to use all 16 visible gpus.

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apollo69 posted 7 years ago Replies: 1 | Weight: 0 | Link [ - ]

Yes please let me know how to use all 16 visible GPUs.

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psychocrypt posted 7 years ago Weight: 0 | Link [ - ]

To use more than 8 GPUs you need to start the miner two times and mask the use able devices. in windows

  1. start the cmd terminal
  2. goto the miner directory
  3. run set CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES=0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7
  4. start the first miner xmrMiner (do not forget the miner options)
  5. run step 1,2 to start the second miner
  6. run set CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES=8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15
  7. start second miner xmrMiner

In linux use export CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES=0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7

nsievers posted 7 years ago Weight: 0 | Link [ - ]

Better but not great increase. Asus 1080 ccminer - 498H/s xmrminer - 518H/s Haven't played around with the launch too much. 32x60 and 48x60 which is about the same. Can't complain though and increase is an increase

psychocrypt posted 7 years ago Replies: 1 | Weight: 0 | Link [ - ]

I released a new version 0.2.1 with a better interactivity if the miner is used on the normal dektop pc. For nvidia fermi gpus there is a speedup up to 120% possible.

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gudisnypr posted 7 years ago Replies: 1 | Weight: 0 | Link [ - ]

hey psycho, your gpu miner works like a charm, getting 500 h/s from the go with my 1070. i am confused about the performance part of the git. do i type in '--launch=txb somewhere to find the right spec? i'm not sure where to find my multiprocessor count or thread count that my gpu can handle. any help would be great, thank you for your hardwork!

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psychocrypt posted 7 years ago Weight: 0 | Link [ - ]

You need to pass --launch=64x40 as parameter to the binary. e.g., xmrMiner --url=... -u ... -p ... --launch=64x40 Your GPU has 20 SMX therefore a good configs could be --launch=64x40, --launch=32x60, --launch=32x80 or --launch=24x40 If you are using windows you need to set the parameter to --bfactor=6 (maybe to 8) and --bsleep=25.

izx2688 posted 6 years ago Weight: 0 | Link [ - ]

hope someone can help me out here please! When loading the miner this line keeps repeating itself in the command prompt

JSON decode failed(1): '[' or '{' expected near 'HTTP'

It still seems to be mining but I don't know what effect this may have, does anyone know how to fix this error? I have copied my .bat settings below (except crossed out my monero address):

rem this is a helper script to start xmrMiner

rem the word "rem" at the beginning of a line is a line with a comment

rem please substitude with you Monero adress set xmrAddress=

rem passwort for your mining pool (very often only a x) set poolPassword=x

rem mining pool webaddress set poolUrl=stratum+tcp://

rem set here the launch param to tune xmrMiner (see xmrMiner_VERSION.exe --help), e.g. --launch=8x3 rem example: set launchParam=--launch=64x3 set launchParam=

rem greater value means more interactivity of your system but lower hash rate set bFactor=10

rem time between a kernel start set bSleep=25

xmrMiner_0.2.1.exe --url=%poolUrl% -u %xmrAddress% -p %poolPassword% %launchParam% --bfactor=%bFactor% --bsleep=%bSleep%


mtnbiker99999 posted 6 years ago Weight: 0 | Link [ - ]

I have a combination of GTX 1060 3GB and GTX 1070 8GB cards.

What are the optimal settings for %launchParam% --bfactor=%bFactor% --bsleep=%bSleep% ?

Just installed xmrMiner on my linux rig.


kkhmer posted 6 years ago Weight: 0 | Link [ - ]

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psychocrypt posted 7 years ago Weight: 0 | Link [ - ]

If anyone owns a NVIDIA PASCAL GPU e.g. GTX1060 with 6GB RAM, please try to use the full memory for mining. Kepler and Maxwell GPUs have problems with more than 2GB RAM usage, I hope that this is fixed with the Pascal generation. Please post your hash rates even if they looks not so good.

ShallowTech posted 7 years ago Weight: 0 | Link [ - ]

Okay very new to this and need some help. I am running a system with a GTX980 and GTX1080, how would I modify the launch params to really optimize these cards? Also, any suggestions on OC? Thank you.

tdrought posted 7 years ago Replies: 1 | Weight: 0 | Link [ - ]

Newbie here... I am running this on my single MSI GTX 1080 Seahawk. Without adding anything to launchParam, I am seeing on average 521 H/s. How do I calculate the launchparams? When launching, it states 'GPU #0: GeForce GTX 1080 (20 SMX), using 80 blocks of 8 threads'. Is that max for this card, or is it generic? It does seem to really bog down my system with this setting. Thanks.

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psychocrypt posted 7 years ago Weight: 0 | Link [ - ]

please try --launch=32x60. If you need more interactivity you could also use the option x-bfactor=6 --bsleep=25

You could also try the miner xm-stak-nvidia or latest version In both cases please use always the latest version to get the best performance.

stprp posted 7 years ago Weight: 0 | Link [ - ]

Which paramenters I need for Gigabyte 1050 TI OC ?

stprp edited 7 years ago Weight: 0 | Link [ - ]

Ok, it doesn't work. xmrMiner_0.2.1.exe: unsupported non-option argument '24x26' Try `xmrMiner --help' for more information.