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Spacing between threads with multi-line titles

I think the spacing between lines of multi-line titles is too big, making where one thread title ends and the next begins slightly ambiguous. For instance in the mining section picture shown below, the posts are indicated with the blue brackets. I'd say the space between lines of multi-line titles, indicated by the blue arrow lines is too large. It seems to be equal to the space between threads, indicated by the red arrows. I would suggest making the spacing much tighter for multi-line titles, and maybe keeping the same spacing between threads. Not a major issue, just a suggestion. mining threads

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Eddieh edited 9 years ago Weight: -888 | Link [ - ]

One-line titles with tooltips incoming in the next update.

rocco edited 9 years ago Replies: 1 | Weight: -892 | Link [ - ]

i personally do not like the possibillity of multi-line title, but thats just me. i would prefer a shorted one-line title

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jwinterm edited 9 years ago Weight: -892 | Link [ - ]

I'd be fine with forcing all titles to be single line too, I just think the current format is a bit...spacious.