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Monday Monero Missives #18 - November 17th, 2014

Monero Monday Missives

November 17th, 2014

Hello, and welcome to our eighteenth Monero Monday Missive!

Major Updates

  1. We still have ongoing Windows static build issues, which is preventing us from tagging and releasing Monero It is our highest item of priority at the moment, although the nature of the problem and the geographic / timezone spread of the various people working on it means that testing and reproducing the problems is a painstakingly slow process.

  2. On the topic of binaries, we'd like to just remind everyone that the only trustworthy, official binaries are those release by the core team. Any others on any other website may or may not be safe, but it is always recommended that the appropriate level of caution is exercised and that unofficial builds are avoided if possible.

  3. Over the weekend of the 8th and 9th of November the Monero Research Lab had a closed mini-meetup in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. In attendance were surae, sarang, and shen, as well as tewinget and fluffypony. A great time was had by all attendees meeting for the first time, and long academic discussions were the order of the day. Three primary focus areas that the MRL researchers will be looking at going forward are: Difficulty - an initial foray into creating a more robust, well-understood, and documented difficulty retargeting algorithm; Payment IDs - simplifying payment ID use, including stealth payment IDs or encouraging cross-blockchain payment ID collision; Offloading Processing - ways and means to offload viewkey scanning to a hosted daemon in a way that does not reveal the viewkey to the hosted instance

  4. Excellent feedback has been received from all those that have been testing the initial blockchain DB implementation. Please keep those coming - of particular use would be to test rollbacks by creating a fake checkpoints.json file. We need to ascertain how performant and reliable rollbacks are on various environments.

Dev Diary

Core: more CMake changes, although lingering issues exist with static mingw-w64 builds (both native and cross-compiling on Arch)

Core: several bug fixes to the multi-language mnemonic system, a more unified JSON library, and others, are in the wings and nearly ready to deploy, pending the CMake issues being resolved

Until next week!

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suchwow edited 7 years ago Weight: -804 | Link [ - ]

thanks for the update

diogenes edited 7 years ago Replies: 1 | Weight: -808 | Link [ - ]

I wanted to try out the DB implementation, but when I tried to compile tewingets blockchain fork on ubuntu I got an error (master compiled successfully so the dependencies seem to be in order). Error message below, any guidance would be welcome.

In file included from /media/sf_ubuntu-shared/tewinget-blockchain/src/cryptonote_core/blockchain.cpp:42:0:
/media/sf_ubuntu-shared/tewinget-blockchain/src/cryptonote_core/BlockchainDB_impl/db_lmdb.h:31:18: fatal error: lmdb.h: No such file or directory
Reply to: diogenes
osensei edited 7 years ago Replies: 1 | Weight: -806 | Link [ - ]

You need to install the liblmdb-dev package, that should do it.

Reply to: osensei diogenes
diogenes edited 7 years ago Weight: -805 | Link [ - ]

Perfect, thanks osensei!

papa_lazzarou edited 7 years ago Weight: -811 | Link [ - ]

Monero Monday Missives - That one always cracks me up. ;D

Seriously, thank you all and keep up the good work!